Historical overview

At the end of the 50’s, André Arnout founded a company for intestine processing.

The waste from this processing was taken to another company, which also treated animal waste. After a few years, this factory began demanding payment for the processing, so that André Arnout decided to process the waste himself.

Using a small kettle, he was able to produce meat and bone meal. The manufacture of feed raw material became the main activity. 

In 1972 the one man operation became a Limited Liability Company: Arnout N.V.

N.V. Arnout further expanded into a company which processed raw animal fat, bones and intermediate products into melted fat and meat and bone meal. These products are mainly 
used for feed, pet food, fertilizer as well as in the oleo chemistry sector.

The Arnout company distinguished itself within the sector due to the extraction department. Hereby the meat and bone meal could be defatted up to a further 10%.

In 1991 Arno – Protein & Fat N.V. was founded. This company was responsible for the transport of raw materials and the end products.

At the beginning of 2008 there was a merger with Belgras, which resulted in a change of name: Fapro N.V.

In the spring of 2008,  it was finally decided  to process only animal waste from pigs.

In 2011 the company changed its name from Belgras to Progra. Fapro and Arno jointly employ around 45 employees.