On one hand, Arno is responsible for the collection of category 3 animal waste, which comes from slaughter houses and meat cutting plants.

Category 3 animal waste 
(not for human consumption): 
These are animal by-products which do not pose any serious risk of spreading diseases which could be transferred to humans or animals.

The collected category 3 material is divided into mixed material and pure pork material. The mixed material is supplied to our colleague operation Belgras. The pure pork material is processed by Fapro.

As a matter of fact, all our collections and transports fulfill the high quality norms of the GMP legislation. Our vehicles have a sign on which the relevant category is clearly stated. 

It is our aim to guarantee food safety and hygiene for all our products and at the same time a perfect traceability. A commercial document or index join the collected goods for tracing. 
Our drivers are well trained in order to have a solid knowledge of quality, safety and hygiene. After every unloading, our vehicles are cleaned, washed and defatted.
On the other hand Arno also manages the transport of end products (melted fat, meat and bone meal) from Fapro and the transport on behalf of third parties.
For all these transports of animal waste right up to the end products, we have 13 fixed HGV’s, 9 articulated lorries, 14 dumper trucks and 3 cisterns.