Fapro processes category 3 porcine waste into melted porcine fat and meat and bone meal, in accordance with the valid European Regulation EG/1774/2002.
This regulation determines veterinary, law and public health requirements concerning collection, transport, storage, handling, processing and use or removal of animal by-products, in order to prevent these products posing a risk for health of humans and animals.
In order to guarantee the best quality for our products, our factory is always occupied by our employees in a completely continual system: 
an early, late, night and weekend shift, so that the delivered animal waste is processed within 24 hours.


Fapro is divided into 3 large departments:

The cooking department: here the delivered products are processed first of all, so that melted porcine fat (end product) is produced and an intermediate product is left over.

The extraction department: In this department the intermediate products are further defatted, so that only 3 to 4% fat remains in the rest of the meal. Melted porcine fat (end product) is produced from this. This department sets us apart from other companies in our sector.

The mill: In this department we mill the rest of the meal into porcine meat and bone meal. Hereby we will differentiate between different protein contents according to customer wishes.