Fapro and Arno have all the necessary authorizations, recognitions and permits which are issued by the authorized authorities and therefore are high quality, environmentally conscious companies :

  • Environmental authorization 35006/13/2/A/6 for the management
  • Recognitions of the Flemish region (OVAM) [public Flemish waste company] 1810/1-133 as processor of cat. 3 animal waste exclusively from pig
  • Authorization FAVV [federal agency for the safety of the food chain] as operator OP0081, as well as manufacturer, trader and importer of feed stuffs.
  • GMP recognition 04-227 for the production of melted pork fat

Environment ‹

  • Transport authorization 23508 for the international transport of goods by road 
  • Recognition of the Flemish region (OVAM) 10833/1-109 as collector of animal waste cat. 3 
  • Registration in the Flemish region (OVAM) 10833/R/6238 as a transporter of waste stuffs 
  • Recognition of the Walloon region (OWD) [waste service in the Walloon region] JYM/pg/OWD/DPGD/06/13645 as a collector of animal waste cat. 3 
  • Recognition of the Brussels region (IBGE-BIM) [Brussels Institute for environmental protection] 241907 as a collector of animal waste cat. 3 
  • Authorization FAVV as operator OP0080 as trader of feed stuffs
  • Recognition GMP 04-226 for the trade and transport of fats and proteins

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